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Story Teller Gel

StoryTeller Sports Gel is our awesome Story Teller cream in a concentrated gel form! This all-natural, gluten-free StoryTeller Sports Gel has 7 therapeutic essential oils to help restore sore bodies. Free from menthol & burning sensations. Our very own Springfield Rifles Rugby Team swears by this product, keeping it in their game bags at all times to use during & after their matches!

cater to your skin - gift bag

5 piece Sports Travel Set in a clear, zippered travel pouch.

This travel set is perfect gift, or for yourself, to toss in a gym bag or carry-on. Large refill bottles available individually to keep at home.

SkinCatering Sports Travel Set includes:

  • 2 oz Story Teller Gel
  • 2 oz Sports Rinse
  • 2 oz Sports Spritzer
  • 0.50 oz Body Stick
  • 1 lip balm


SkinCatering’s Aromatherapy Doll was made with your troubled sleeper in mind.  Made with mermaid-blue swirled material, this Aromatherapy Doll was created by Sarah Lynn Couture, in the shape of our logo’s lady silhouette.  She contains a special blend of dried lavender and flax seeds, making her flexible, lovable, and snuggable!  Your little one can hug her tight, or you can rest her in the crook of your neck when you need to relax. Great as an eye pillow for headaches, she can also be gently warmed or cooled for extra loving care.

Use a lightly sprayed cloth to wipe the material of your aromatherapy doll.

Aromatherapy Doll is approximately 20 inches in height.

3 in stock

Velvet Sea - Bath Salt Powder

Velvet Sea Bath Salt Powder is an all natural bath blend of three salts & two skin-softening powders, blended with aromatherapy oils for a skin soothing, therapeutic bathing experience.

Bad Medicine - Soothing Tattoo Balm

Bad Medicine is SkinCatering’s all-natural moisturizing balm your favorite body art. Contains coconut oil (itch relief), grapeseed oil, (tissue regeneration & more vibrant color), shea butter (deep hydration that allows your skin to breath), and healing essential oils (scar tissue repair). It also contains ingredients to provide a nice dry slip, and silky, non-greasy finish.

Scoop out a small amount of Bad Medicine and place on tattoo. Let melt to skin and/or gently rub in.  Also works well for applying to cuts, scrapes, and “road rash”!


Scars, sore muscles, achy joints, stretch marks, and tattoos are like a timeline of your life’s history and every BODY has a story to tell. Story TellerTM is SkinCatering’s signature product (formerly known as HERO.)  It is an all-natural, gluten-free cream with 7 therapeutic essential oils to help restore sore bodies.  It doesn’t have a menthol or burning sensation, which made this product a fan-favorite at the Boston Marathon Expo in 2015!

Used by award-winning athletes pre & post competition training and therapy, including David Henry – IFBB Pro, 2016 2nd Place Asia Grand Prix (South Korea), 5th Place 2016 Mr. Olympia 212 (Vegas)!

Rumble Stick - Lip Scrub

Rumble Stick is SkinCatering’s Signature All natural lip scrub in a stick form for easy use.

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