Beauty Awards or Bust!

Beauty Awards or Bust!

For the 2020 CEW Beauty Awards, we've entered our beautiful newly launched product - Brightening Cleanser!  On February 27th, Kim and Leanne headed to New York City to share this Clean Beauty Goddess with the world (well, 3,000 Cosmetic Executive Women organization members) at the CEW Beauty Awards Product Demo Day 2020.

For three and a half hours, Kim educated, shared, and encouraged member after member to feel, smell, and learn more about this strawberry goodness.

Key Points

  1. It's all-natural AND effective (this ain't your grandma's 'natural' cleansah!)
  2. It's made with REAL strawberry! (the gorgeous scent radiates through)
  3. It's active ingredients are Lactic Acid from Yogurt Extract, Citric Acid from Lemon Bioferment, and naturally-occurring Salicylic Acid from the strawberry. (uh, can you say ILLUMINATING?!)

Our products are formulated here at our Springfield Massachusetts based lab that resides in it's own space at our spa inside Tower Square.

We are thoughtful in our formulation approach:

  • Is this product needed?
  • By Whom?
  • How will it work?
  • Do we already have something in the line that does this? (we are big fans of using existing products in different ways so you don't have to buy more than you need)
  • How can we make this so it fits our philosophy?

So, after all that collaboration between Kim and Leanne, we end up with a really cool product that is changing people's skin for the better, and vying for the title of "Indie Beauty Cleanser" of the year 2020 with CEW!

If you are a CEW Member - they have extended the voting to May 12th, 2020! Would love you to check out our product that's in your gift bag and give it a swirl on your face to see for yourself how awesome it works.  Didn't get the product? See more in depth info here so you can place your vote for SkinCatering Brightening Cleanser!

The other awesome thing about attending the CEW Beauty Awards Product Demo Day 2020 was that we met new friends!  Here is Kim with the founder of Snowfox SkinCare, Phoebe. She is the most lovely person you'll ever meet and her sheet masks were a godsend when we were flying to Las Vegas the following week.

snowfox skincare

Stay Tuned! 

We find out the finalists later this year.

PS. The product demo gift bags are INSANE!! So awesome - filled with so many amazing brands!

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