Hooray For Micro Clean Beauty!

Hooray For Micro Clean Beauty!

In our recent copy of GC Magazine (Global Cosmetics Industry resource) there was an article from Mintel about the stability and formulation of Clean Beauty Products.

"While the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak is affecting beauty retailorder fulfillment and manufacturing, Mintel predicts the virus will also have an impact on clean beauty ingredients, formulation, packaging and shelf-stability.
According to a blog post on Mintel.com, written by Mintel analyst, Clare Hennigan, "COVID-19 is impacting the way consumers approach beauty and personal care (BPC) products, especially when they consider ingredient safety, cleanliness and shelf life."


What Kim and Leanne love so much about how SkinCatering skincare operates is that we are a boutique manufacturer operating in our temperature-controlled, FDA registered facility. 

"Boutique" for us means we make micro batches (under 100 bottles) at a time of each product.  We do this to help maintain our shelf life (usually 12 months).  We don't want our products sitting for months in a warehouse before they get picked for an order (vendor or direct consumer). 

In fact, 99% of the time when a stockist orders their supply of products from us, we are making a fresh batch for them before it goes out!  Yes, this means it might be a 1-2 week lead time before the order goes out but, it also means that you can count on that 12 months starting the month you receive you order.

The idea of growing so big that we need to seek outside manufacturers is a DREAM of ours!  Sometimes we waver between going that big or just growing the in-house lab team to make the small batches - just more of them at a time. In our opinion, there are pros and cons to both ways to grow.

However, in times like these where there are very big concerns about cleanliness and safety, we are glad that we have the control over our processes that we do.

The other important thing to note about clean beauty safety is that we have always used packaging that ensures products are pumped or sprayed out, versus dipping fingers in them. Owning two spas and following Massachusetts State Licensing regulations for cleanliness has instilled in us that dipping fingers into jars is a strict no-no! We continued this philosophy into our skincare line for your at-home products as well.

We look forward to launching some new packaging this year!

We are updating our spray & pump packaging to almost all beautiful, thick glass, and the select few bottles that are plastic, remain recyclable as we have always used. This move takes us away from the fragile acrylic bottles that were beautiful but constantly shattering & cracking in the shipment from our supply house.

So, when will you see this new packaging start coming through?  We hate to waste things so we'll sell through what is made already in the old bottles. And with the slow down in availability & shipping from bottle manufacturers, we may have to continue using the old packaging until shipments return to "normal."

When you place your orders over the next few months don't be surprised if you have some products in the current packaging and others are in the new.  We'll always write a little love note to you in your shipment letting you know that it's the same great product but in a new look.

We hope you enjoy Catering To Your Skin with SkinCatering skincare!  Thank you for supporting our micro manufacturing of clean beauty that is safe for you.


Leanne & Kim


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