Kylie Jenner Donates $1M to fight COVID-19

Kylie Jenner Donates $1M to fight COVID-19

WOW!  People can say what they want about this celebrity family but we think that's incredibly generous.

In this instagram postDr. Thaïs Aliabadi thanks Kylie for her million dollar donation. This gift will be used to purchase masks, face shields and other protective gear that the LA hospital will need to help care for all their patients.

That almost makes our donation of 300 empty bottles to a local distillery (that needs them for loading their batches of cleaning alcohol into) feel insignificant.  ALMOST. We don't have a million dollars to give like Kylie does but, we gave what we had to give.  We've donated our boxes of nitrile gloves and we're also authorized by the FDA to make hand sanitizer!  Once we have that made, we'll be getting those out to our local community too.

It's all about doing YOUR part! 

What do you have or what can you make that will help healthcare workers, nursing homes, housing authorities, and any other organization that needs us to chip in?

Indie brands, if you have empty bottles - send them to your local boutique distillers to fill with cleaning alcohol so people can make sanitizer at home. (and/or make sanitizer too!)

Spa Sisters, if you have gloves and masks, contact your local nursing homes and organizations that care for elderly and low-income housing that need these items too.

Cater To Your Community!

kylie jenner and dr. thais aliabadi

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