Sustainable Suppliers during COVID-19

Sustainable Suppliers during COVID-19

During this pandemic we are doing what we can to make "Leave On Hand Cleanser" (hand sanitizer) available to our customers for purchase, and for our partners to donate to our community's First Responders. This requires a high amount of plastic to fulfill these orders so it was important that we found supply sources that minimize the impact on our planet as much as possible!

One of our plastic bottle suppliers, United States Plastic Corps, does a decent job all year round with their environmental initiatives but special for Earth Day 2020, they committed to making a donation to The Arbor Day Foundation for every order they received the week of April 20-24th!

"With your help we were able to plant over 7,000 trees!"- USPC

That's amazing! Kudos to you US Plastic Corps. 

Did you know?
Today's plastics can help architects, owners, managers, and specifiers meet sustainability goals for new and retrofit building solutions in commercial, residential, and infrastructure construction. Advanced continuous insulation, sealants, windows, doors, siding, flooring, roofing, foundations, decking and piping made with advanced plastics can dramatically improve energy efficiency, reduce waste and CO2 emissions and help us to do more with less. (American Chemistry Council)

While SkinCatering is switching a lot of our packaging over to glass, when we DO use plastic, you can be sure it will come from suppliers like this one!

Todd Quackenbush image from Unsplash

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