When Boss Attitudes Collab

When Boss Attitudes Collab

Fall In Love with your skin this October!

We're excited to announce this month's collaboration with another woman-owned business, Lotus & Compass! They are an online shop for women's clothing, unique accessories and gift items. Melaney and her husband Brandon created their family owned and operated business in 2016. Fun Fact, it also includes live (online) yoga classes!

  • They believe in body positivity, and carry a full range of sizes so that all customers can find something to make them smile.
  • They also believe in the importance of mental wellness, and work each day to create an environment of acceptance and kindness in our local and online community.
  • It's also where Leanne got her favorite tank top! The cut and material is PERFECT.  There is always something to find at Lotus & Compass because they source new items every week.

The Collab

When you spend $50 or more in product purchases here with SkinCatering, you will receive a sassy buffalo plaid cosmetics case that has been supplied by Melaney - which has a special coupon inside for her shop!

When you shop at Lotus & Compass and spend $50 or more, you'll receive a free Discovery Size Daily Renewal Glycolic Cleanser!

It's a win-win for everyone.

Sassy Pants

Smooth Skin

Boss Attitude

Happy Shopping!

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