StoryTeller® Collection

StoryTeller® is SkinCatering's signature product for sore bodies. People from all over the nation are sharing their stories of how these products have helped them in their lives to feel BETTER.


“I have been using Storyteller® for 4 months. It has helped relieve a migraine 7 times before it started, and tension headaches that contribute to the migraines.  It’s also helped me while on Mom Duty – pain in my back, legs and arms from lifting toddlers and bike riding with my kids. It’s also helped my son's "belly ache" after doing ab exercises and his chest cold by rubbing on his back and feet. This is an amazing, natural product! I really can't say enough about it!” – A.L, Westfield, Massachusetts

“I broke both of my wrists in a fall last year. I can’t begin to tell you what they feel like when it’s raining outside. StoryTeller® has literally been a lifesaver, not just for the deep pain in my wrists, but also helping me back off my pain pills.” – A.G., Holyoke, Massachusetts

“After falling, my grandmother started using StoryTeller®. She was given pain meds and I told her that she should try this cream. After talking with her the next day, she wanted to thank you for making such an awesome cream that she doesn't need the meds to keep the pain at bay. She loves it!!” M.S., Johnson, VT

“StoryTeller® is now in Indiana. I went to visit my best friend after her husband was in a really bad motorcycle accident.  He broke most of his body, and is now blind too. He was commenting on how sore his hand was and of course I had my StoryTeller® with me. I rubbed some on his hand and he was thrilled to be pain free for the first time in 3 months. I left the jar with him and hopefully it will help with his leg pain too. So I will be in soon to pick up another jar for me. You make a difference in so many lives!” D.T., Crown Point, Indiana

 “I’ve been using StoryTeller® for a few years and would recommend it to anyone. It’s great relief for sore and tired muscles.” I.P., Agawam, MA

“We use it for all of our deep tissue massages now at the spa, the texture and slip is perfect. Since we started using it in 2016 our deep tissue massage business doubled!” Harmony Oschefski, Owner of Bodhi Spa, Newport, RI

“I can’t than you enough for making such fantastic products! My brother was diagnosed with bone cancer and one of his greatest comforts were body massages with your StoryTeller® cream. It not only gave him relief to sleep better and with less pain, but also, a benefit that hadn’t occurred to me, was how much it helped with relieving his itchy skin. The dual purpose made it a homerun and made me feel so good to help my brother! This is one amazing product. Thank you so much.”  D.I., Springfield, MA

“My husband uses StoryTeller® after work all the time.  Well actually, I use it to massage his feet after work all the time! It relieves the ache from walking on concrete floors in steel toe shoes all day. He loves it!” C.P. Feeding Hills, MA