SkinCatering is a boutique manufacturer that produces customized, professional-grade products & treatments for your spa.

"I love being in our lab. It allows me to be creative and challenge the idea of how spa treatments are done. It's not just another body scrub, cream, or wrap. It's me, it's Kim - someone who has worked in the room as a practitioner - rethinking how we can do better by the client AND by the technician. Providing other spas with better products allows me to help thousands of clients that aren't even on MY table, and that's a really cool deal." - Leanne Sedlak, Founder & Co-Formulator at SkinCatering

Everything we make is all-natural, gluten-free, vegan, and cruelty-free. When Kim & Leanne are designing a treatment according to your vision, our own practitioners play with it in our test spa to see how user-friendly it is (not all ingredients play nice together) and ensure the client will have a well-rounded sensory experience. Guests and technicians provide feedback until we are 100% satisfied that we are delivering something all of us will be proud to present to your clients!

Areas where we can be of service to you & your spa:


  • Oil
  • Lotion
  • Cream
  • Gel


  • Scrubs
  • Wraps
  • Post Treatment finishes


  • Signature
  • Classic
  • Glycolic
  • Collagen
  • Natural Peel


  • Hair Oil
  • Hair Mask
  • Hand & Foot Treatments


  • Soak
  • Exfoliation
  • Mask


  • Coordinating with your selected treatments

Looking for something you didn't see on the list? Just ask!

Email Leanne @ to start a conversation about your spa's needs. We can discuss your vision, theme, protocol, signature, and budget.

We look forward to working with you!


Kim and Leanne