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Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner | Tool

Clean and sanitize your makeup brushes quickly and easily!

Dirty brushes and sponges may be to blame for your recurring breakout. Bacteria, dust, and dirt can accumulate when you don't wash your brushes regularly.

We know - it takes forever and who has the time!

CONSIDER THIS:  Artis Brush Founder and Former MAC Senior Executive Matthew Waitesmith says, "...You reapply the microbes that live on your skin each time you use your unwashed makeup brushes... The problems can come when the brush you are using provides a moist, warm environment and becomes a petri dish that help the microbes breed faster in the hairs of the brush."

This brush cleaner makes the task SO much easier and your skin (and brushes) will thank you.

INCLUDED: This cleaning tool comes with the battery-operated electric wand, adapter, wand attachments to fit almost any size brush, and the cleaning bowl.  Batteries not included.

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Brush Cleaning

This is so awesome! My brushes have never been this clean, like the day I purchased them! I love it so much I have decided to buy one for each of my girls for Christmas.